The official $FCTR contract address:



DeFi Middleware

Factor's DeFi infrastructure provides strategists, builders, and market participants with the building blocks to launch new markets.


Your own DeFi building blocks:

Tokenized Baskets

self-custodial tokenize baskets, thematic Indices and more

Yield Aggregation

Permissionless access to yield across DeFi protocols

Hedged Strategies

Hedge your DeFi exposure with a single click

Who Factor is For?

Asset Managers

Use Factor as a frictionless way to manage your treasury or fund, build on-chain track record, and earn management and performance fees


Integrate your assets and create unique vaults with Factor to gain wider exposure, create new use cases and drive TVL for your protocol


Access a wide range of yield generating strategies and asset classes, and earn yield on your idle assets

Revenue Model

Vault Creators

Vault creators earn management and performance fees

Factor DAO

Factor takes a small fee on deposits, swaps, and vault creator fees

$FCTR Holders

Lock for $veFCTR for a share of protocol revenue and governance rights

Factor Team