The official $FCTR contract address:



The Building Blocks of DeFi

Unleash the potential of Factor's middleware infrastructure to aggregate core DeFi primitives. Create, manage and discover powerful financial instruments, including vaults, yield pools, lending pools, liquidity pools, and tokenized baskets.

Powering a Sustainable and Decentralized Ecosystem

The $FCTR token drives an innovative real yield revenue model and community-led governance.
Fee Distribution: 50% to $veFCTR stakers, 50% to the DAO treasury
Governance: $FCTR token holders can propose and vote on protocol updates

Simplifying DeFi for Everyone

Factor's no-code platform makes DeFi asset management easy, allowing you to create innovative products, strategies, and vaults. Our dApp empowers users to effortlessly build protocols, deposit assets, acquire TVL, and earn fees.

Factor's no-code platform simplifies DeFi for all, enabling easy creation of innovative products, strategies, and portfolios while acquiring TVL and earning fees on Arbitrum.

Depositors can harness the full potential of DeFi with Factor, building their portfolio, depositing funds, and earning yield with a single click on Arbitrum.

Factor's user-friendly interface unlocks DeFi for everyone, providing access to its full potential without requiring blockchain technical expertise.

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